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Jordan 1 : Shinobi

Rs. 37,990.00


Jordan 1 : Shinobi

Jordan 1 : Shinobi

A custom-made pair of Jordan 1s designed with SneakerAnime


Where to start! A mad pair by all means!

The artwork here is ofcourse inspired by the two iconic leads of Naruto - Sasuke & Naruto

Apart from the colorways inspired from their outfits, there are easter eggs all over the shoe -

The Swooshes show the powerful Rasengan & Kusanagi 🗡

The Jordan logos have the Uzumaki Crest & Sharingan 🌀

The tongue tags represent the Hidden Leaf headbands 🍂

Bringing the design together are rough dyed rope laces which add some thiccness to our baby monster

Looove how it turned out! 🥺


Limited to 900 pairs, worldwide.


We are offering a customization service, and are not affiliated with the brands used. 


A sourcing fee has been included for our team to source the base shoes in the size selected on your order.


You may also choose to send the base shoe to us, and only avail our artwork service.